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Archie Hendryx

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When faced with a tirade of client consultations and disaster recovery proposals/assessments, you can't help but be inundated with opportunities to showcase the benefits of server virtualization and more specifically VMware's Site Recovery Manager. It's a given that if an environment has a significant amount of applications running on X86 platforms, then virtualization is the way to go not just for all the consolidation and TCO savings but for the ease in which high availability, redundancy and business continuity can be deployed. Add to that the benefit of a virtualized disaster recovery solution that can easily be tested, failed over or failed back. With what was once a complex procedure, testing can now be done via a simple GUI based recovery plan. Thus one should consequently see the eradication of trepidation that often existed in testing out how full proof an ... (more)

Fibre Channel SAN: Are You Making the Most of It?

There is a common myth that FC SAN is expensive, difficult to manage and troubleshoot. Coupled with this there are heavily marketed agendas to move customers away from FC SAN to new and allegedly more cost-effective solutions. But what if there was a way to... Reduce the amount of physical adapters, FC cables, SAN ports and Storage ports while concurrently improving your application response time, availability and SLAs? Simplify server FC I/O provision, enabling a more agile,scalable and dynamic deployment model? Gain the insight that on average most FC SAN and Storage ports ar... (more)

Resolving the Questions Surrounding the SDDC

Question 1. Vendors are racing to lead the movement towards a software‐defined data centre. Where are we up to in this journey, and how far are we from seeing this trend widely adopted? Considering most organisations have still not fully virtualized or moved towards a true Private Cloud model, SDDC is still in its infancy in terms of mainstream adoption and certainly won't be an overnight process. While typical early adopters are advancing quickly down the software-defined route these are mostly organizations with large scale multi site data centres who are already mature in ter... (more)

The Unspoken Challenge of Cloud Silos

On a recent excursion to a tech event I had the pleasure of meeting a well-known ‘VM Guru', (who shall remain nameless). Having read some of this individual's material I was excited and intrigued to know his thoughts on how he was tackling the Storage challenges related to VMware especially with Fibre Channel SANs. "Storage, that's nothing to do with me, I'm a VirtGuy", he proudly announced. To which I retorted, "yes but if there are physical layer issues in your SAN fabric, or poorly configured Storage etc. it will affect the performance of your Virtual Machines and their applic... (more)

The VMware Virtual CPU Dilemma

2011 was a year where despite the economic constraints everything Big was seemingly good: Big Data, Big Clouds, Big VMs, etc. Caught in the industry's lust for this excess, 2011 was also the year I lost count of how many overprovisioned resources to ‘Big' Production VMs I witnessed. More often than not this was a typical reaction from System Admins trying to alleviate their fears of potential performance problems to important VMs. It was the year where I began to hear justifications such as "yes we are overprovisioning our production VMs..but apart from the cost savings, overal... (more)